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Microscope Digital Camera
Microscope Digital Camera
Microscope Digital Camera
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Specification of

A multi output digital microscope camera has digital and analogue connections giving you a solution for each situation. It allows you to connect the digital microscope camera to a TV monitor, projector or computer.

The microscope image sharing experience is enhanced with an HDMI output that will allow you to display live images at 1080p resolution, and coupled with an SD card output which allows you to capture images at 5.0 MP directly into the SD card without the need of a computer.

The Digital Camera features a 5MP live resolution capability

Specifications :

•  Live resolution  :  5.0MP (2592x1944) or as request
•  C-Mount  :  Include
•  Sensor   :  CMOS
•  Optical calculation  :  1/2,5"
•  Output   :  Mini USB
•  Focusable lens  :  12mm
•  Eyepiece adapters  :  2 variable diameter
•  Software   :  Images Plus 2.0 for PC and MAC
•  Calibration   :  Calibration Slide Glass
•  Operation system  :  Windows XP and higher, Mac OSX
•  Macrotube   :  For specimens observation


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